THANK YOU and see you next year at CHAPELLE de NOVILIS !

The whole team of CHAPELLE de NOVILIS joins me to thank you warmly for your coming on Saturday evening at the evening JAZZ DIN ‘2017.
We were 184 and we sincerely hope that each and every one of you will have had a great time, to enjoy the place, the jazz of our Quartet de l’Effet Mer, the food of Teheiura and Au Raph Iné, and you will have enjoyed the wines we have proposed to you.
The storm, attracted by the atmosphere, tempted by the evening, hesitated a long time before breaking in. He no longer holds on, he has taken center stage!
Beyond a little frustration, we have to laugh at it because what other choices do we have if we want to make life joyful? This moment felt childhood. We just hope that he will not have asked you any real problems to get back.
We give you an appointment for a new edition at the beginning of August 2018!



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