The number of the day

The number of the day is the number of bottles CHAPEL NOVILIS from the bottling of June 13 and 14, 2018. These were our red wines, over the last 3 vintages, and in detail:

1,592 ALTIS 2015
1,554 ALTIS 2016
10,994 EVOLUS red 2016
6,680 NEUS red 2017
The number of the day: the confidentiality on ALTIS

As every year since the 1st vintage in 2013, the production of ALTIS is confidential. ALTIS is made from the rare blend of Cinsault and Alicante, each yielding only between 15 and 20hl / ha. ALTIS is our finest red wine and the most elegant and therefore located at the top of the pyramid of organic wines CHAPEL NOVILIS, Languedoc. A rare blend because Cinsault is found more often in rosé wines and Alicante has no good press because of its history of wine dyer. But worked at such small yields, and delicately, it is a real taste encounter with finesse, fruit and freshness. These bottles will now rest for 12 months for the 2015 vintage and at least 18 for the 2016 vintage.

The number of the day: the impact of the April 2017 freeze on the production of NEUS red

Like many estates, CHAPELLE de NOVILIS did not escape the frost wave of late April 2017. 57% of our production area was burned and only on our plots of red grape varieties. Red NEUS is normally between 8,000 and 10,000 annual bottles. We therefore lose about 30% of our usual production on this fine and friendly wine at a time. EVOLUS red 2017 will only be bottled in May 2019, just like ALTIS of the same vintage.


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