NEUS rosé 2020NEUS rosé 2020

We were to bottle NEUS rosé 2020 on February 15. However, due to unfavorable weather conditions, we had to postpone this operation. We programmed the new date for Saturday March 20.

Lovers of this elegant and gourmet rosé wine, you will therefore have to wait until the end of March for your orders to be shipped. The tasting will be even more appreciated!

Few bottles in 2020

Due to the wave of mildew which wiped out 65% of our production. We will only produce around 4,500 bottles of this wine instead of the usual 8,000 bottles per year. We therefore invite you not to wait until the start of summer to reserve your bottles: there won’t be enough for everyone, that’s for sure. To reserve this wine, send us a simple email to with the number of bottles desired and your contact details.

Previous vintages distinctions

We hope that this new vintage, 2020, will receive further distinctions. The wine is not yet in bottle and the tastings of the juries of the competitions to which we plan to present it have not yet taken place. As a reminder, here are the distinctions from previous vintages:

2015 SILVER medal at the 2016 MUNDUS VINI world competition

2016 SILVER medal at the VIGNERONS INDEPENDANTS DE FRANCE 2017 competition

2018 GOLD medal at the 2019 VIGNERONS INDEPENDANTS DE FRANCE competition

2019 GOLD medal at the international challenge MILLESIME BIO



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