Natural grassing at CHAPELLE de NOVILIS with this beautiful wild alfalfa. It was born in our parcel of Carignan on this 2018.

Grass cover: an asset for the vine

Wild alfalfa (here the small yellow flowers) settled naturally between our ranks of Carignan!

Laurent will do his best to weed mechanically under the rank without mowing the inter-row. In 3 weeks this small leguminous, transformed into seed, will sow itself again naturally. From then on, Laurent will be able to mow it, limiting the water competition with our vine. The roots, loaded with nitrogen vesicles, will release this one which will be an appreciable natural contribution for the vine in full growth. The aerial part, mowed will be a supplement of organic matter added to the sheep manure and compost of grape marc already brought at the end of the winter.

Grass cover: habitats and food chain

Vegetation is at the base of habitats and a whole food chain: habitats for certain insects, source of pollen for others. These insects will be at the origin of the presence of small birds that will feed with. And a whole chain is set up.


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