Vendanges 2018 à CHAPELLE de NOVILIS IGP Coteaux d'Ensérune

2018 Harvest at CHAPELLE de NOVILIS GPI Coteaux d’Ensérune

2018 Harvest at CHAPELLE de NOVILIS GPI Coteaux d’Ensérune : we are on the eve of the start ! Tomorrow, august 29th, 2018, started at CHAPELLE de NOVILIS with the manual crop, vine young of Viognier and vine young of Grenache gris. They were planted in 2014 and have entered into the composition of NEUS white since the vintage 2017.

2018 vintage without NEUS red, neither EVOLUS red, nor ALTIS

The tremendous pressure of mildew this year  makes us lost more than 60% of our red grape varieties. We estimate this red grapes harvest at 70hl instead of 200hl usually, so we will not get the necessary volumes to produce our three red wines on this vintage…CHAPELLE de NOVILIS will sell this hectoliters blended together to a producer/merchant that, also seriously affected by the mildew and actively searching wine for its own range.

The cellar is shining

The cellar has been cleaned and disinfected from top to bottom and piece by piece. Each tank  has been dismantled: valves, tasting tap, air chamber, decanter elbow,… Everything has been meticulously cleaned. As well as for the tanks, the pumps, the stemmer, the press, the soils, the flows…

Samples are well under way

This morning we sampled our Marsanne for EVOLUS white, as well as the two parcels of Vermentino for NEUS white (1990 and 2014 plots). The samples have been sent in laboratory for a sharp analysis of different maturity components. It will complement the berries tasting. We will be able to define exactly the date of the harvest. Generally the harvest order is : marsanne, then vermentino on the old parcel, the the young parcel of vermentino, generally 3 or 4 days later. It will be the end of the harvest of our white varieties grapes.


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